Strength Training Exercises for Women

women's strength training

Tone, Sculpt, and Stay Strong for Life

The ultimate in multi-tasking, strength training sculpts the contours of your body, strengthens the bones within and keeps you strong for life!

In addition, strength training helps to build lean body mass, boosting the metabolism and energy levels to slow down the aging process as we grow older. As a result you'll feel mentally sharper, youthful, and full of energy.

Adding strength training to your exercise regimen gives you a flatter belly, shapelier arms and firmer thighs, so you’ll look great in a little black dress and skinny jeans.

The benefits don't stop there, though: Being strong gives you a sense of empowerment. It means you can be more independent and self reliant.

Sarco-what?? Sarcopenia is the natural loss of muscle that occurs with age. If you're 50-plus you're already experiencing creeping muscle loss. Is it reversible? Yes! But only with an appropriate exercise program that includes strength training.

Strength Training Exercises for Women (DK/ 2014) by fitness expert, Joan Pagano, is a jam-packed guide that includes and demonstrates more than 200 exercises to rev up the metabolism, build healthy bones, and tone the overall body. A seasoned writer of health and fitness books specifically tailored to women, Joan Pagano provides readers with simple and effective strategies to stay fit and lean. Women who find the gym to be intimidating will appreciate Joan’s home-friendly, time-efficient workouts. Her exercises can be used to target key areas of the body or to maintain all-around strength.

Why is Strength Training Exercises for Women the must-have purchase for body-conscious women?

  • It features an abundance of exercises and variations designed to burn calories, strengthen the core, and tone muscles. All exercises can be easily performed at home.
  • Every exercise is accompanied with detailed advice from Joan, making it feel as though you have your own personal trainer.
  • All 200 exercises are shown through step-by-step photography, with accompanying instructions. Images are annotated to ensure accuracy of position and movement.

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