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Jackie O’s Strength Training Workout


Listen/Download to the story of how I came to train Jackie O and learn why this icon embraced exercise.


Baby Boomers and Beyond!

Many of us are already planning our strategies for aging well in a supportive environment. Next week I’m looking forward to giving two presentations for Judson Services in Cleveland, a forward-thinking continuing care community which promotes health and fitness for their residents. I’ll be speaking at Judson Park on Tuesday, March 22 and at South Franklin Circle on Wednesday, March 23. For details, click here:  Judson Smart Living Blog

In case you missed my interactive interview with reporter Magee Hickey that aired on WCBS TV last week, click here to see the 2-minute segment, "Seniors Training Seniors". Scroll down to see a few fun behind-the-scenes pix.


Behind the Scenes

Join me behind the scenes as we prepare for CBS reporter Magee Hickey and her crew to arrive at my apartment last Wednesday.  We’re shooting a segment on “Seniors Training Seniors” in which Magee is interviewing Liliane Kates and me as we demonstrate exercises that you can do at home with minimal equipment.  As you can see, it was too much for Magee to resist, And she had to get in on the act.  If it looks like we’re having too much fun, it’s because we were!


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