My mission is to help you manage the aging process with grace.

Author, Speaker and Recognized Fitness Expert Joan Pagano is sharing her story.


When I think back on how fitness has changed for me throughout the years, I have to smile. The fluctuations would chart like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, with significant peaks and dips, yet rising over time along a steady incline.

My life began with a boom of athleticism that lasted many years, from the moment I could walk through college sports. However, this was followed by a bust when I moved to NYC and became sedentary, working first in fashion and then in the restaurant business. The extended low lasted for 15 years – talk about a recession!


There was a turnaround in my late 30s with an upward climb on a journey back to fitness and the path that led to my career in personal training. I took up yoga, then rediscovered the joy of swimming, a sport I had loved in my youth. I began to feel revitalized in body, mind and spirit.

In my early 40s, I added running and strength training into the routine and became certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Specialist. By age 50, the chart hit its highest peak. I had trained extensively and completed seven marathons in five years! Concern about the risk of overuse injuries and their long-term effects convinced me to return to a more moderate exercise program.


Now in my 60s, I've ramped up the program once again, motivated by the desire to manage the aging process and maintain an active lifestyle. Studies show that exercise, and specifically strength training, is the key to active aging. Marathons are past history for me, but I do enjoy jogging for 30-40 minutes regularly, am dedicated to strength training two or three times a week, and love to stretch out my muscles as often as possible.

My personal experience is reflected in the path of my career. The ups and downs of intensity, training and types of different activities have allowed me to relate to the needs of others and empower them within their level of ability. In creating individualized training programs, I use my expertise to enhance the capabilities of each person.


As fitness consultant to SHARE, a breast cancer support group, I've worked with breast cancer survivors since 1992. Their concerns about menopause prompted me to study how exercise could help manage the side effects of this stage in life, and, in particular, how exercise could help fight osteoporosis. I developed and published fitness training guidelines for both of these conditions and am recognized by the industry as a leading authority on these topics.

I consider it an honor to write books on exercise that are distributed worldwide and translated into many languages, permitting me to share information with people around the globe.


My clients are an inspiration to me and living proof that fitness gives you an edge. I've had the privilege of working with prominent figures, like Jacqueline Onassis and Caroline Kennedy, as well as with the power brokers of NYC – the women and men at the top of their game in banking and financial services, real estate, journalism, public relations and fashion.

Whether a top-level executive, a high school student, an energetic mother, a breast cancer survivor or an active retiree, the common thread among these clients is that they know that their fitness training gives them a foundation of strength and the stamina to perform at their best. Just like the Dow Jones, we all want to be on a steady rise!

Today my focus in on public speaking

Joan develops presentations for groups and organizations, businesses, fitness facilities, hospitals, retirement communities, schools and colleges. Each presentation is custom-tailored to meet the needs of the audience.