Younger Next Year: The New Science of Aging

I wrote this post for Judson Smart Living blog and they were kind enough to let me post it, too.

Last February I was privileged to be in the studio audience of the taping of a PBS special, "Younger Next Year:  The New Science of Aging" featuring Dr. Henry Lodge.  The program is currently airing on TV. (For a preview and to check your local listings go to

According to Dr. Lodge, there's an exciting revolution taking place in our understanding of the science of aging.  Through extensive research, he makes a convincing case that: Fully 70% of modern aging is optional. 2/3 of the illnesses we associate with aging are lifestyle related, i.e. diseases of decay. We can choose growth over decay by how we live our lives. New science proves that our bodies are constantly growing and renewing as we age. When you exercise, move and use your muscles, the chemistry inside them changes profoundly, creating great waves of growth throughout the body. Emotion - positive attitude, strong connections to family, friends and causes - produces the same effect of growth.

If you have the opportunity to see it, you'll be totally engaged as Dr. Lodge presents his scientific theory of aging.  And if you miss it, I highly recommend his book by the same name. There's also a version for women.

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