Joan Salutes Diana Nyad on NPR!

Listen Here:  The Jim Engster Show, WRKF Baton Rouge/NPR/Public Radio/89.3 FM (Joan's Salute is in the last five minutes of the broadcast)

Although 61-year old swimmer Diana Nyad ended her quest to swim from Cuba to Florida (103 miles) on August 10, her courageous attempt sends a positive message that athleticism and fitness aren't just for the young. Diana proves it is never too late to challenge yourself physically. As a comment on physical capabilities that can be cultivated with age, Diana has said that although she was faster in her 20's she's stronger now.

Older athletes do well in endurance sports because experience and training can offset the need for speed. Having attempted this swim once before, Diana changed her training regimen to include weight training workouts on alternate days of swimming (12 hours a day!)

This is not our parents old-age.  At 61, Diana considers herself in "the middle of middle age."

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