A Fighting Spirit at 93

Whenever I need a dose of inspiration, I think of a special woman - my mother!  She has been through so much lately and yet the strength of her spirit and sheer determination keep her moving forward.

A number of years ago, Mom had both knees and both hips replaced, a total of five surgeries in five years (one hip was done twice).  The recovery from the surgeries was painful and slow, but the joint replacements enabled her to extend her walking ability into her early 90's and maintain her independent living status.  Up until last April she frequently traveled independently on trips to New York and Florida.

However, on May 17 she fell in her apartment and fractured her femur (thigh bone) in the type of fracture that's been associated with long term use of certain bone-building drugs.  Her leg was immobilized in a cast for seven weeks and without medical permission to do weight bearing work, her therapy was limited.

Finally the bone healed and she began aggressive therapy to develop strength and stamina in her legs in order to walk again.   After months in rehab, she was finally discharged to the assisted living floor of her own building and has been continuing to work at resuming an independent lifestyle.

Mom's indomitable spirit, coupled with the incredible support offered by her continuing care community, Judson Retirement Organization, have proven to be the best prescription for her recovery.  There are moments of frustration, but those with a less vibrant spirit might not be able to fight the fight.

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