Success Stories: Go for the Burn (Calories, that is!)

One of my goals this year is to post regular success stories about my clients and friends who are winning at the game of fitness and offer a great example to others. I just started working with Dr. Alvin Jones, a radio show host in the Washington, DC area.  After he interviewed me for his show he asked whether I could help him achieve his own long term health and fitness goals.  Over the course of this year, he'd like to drop at least 50 pounds and shape up.

Listen to the interview from January 19th - WNEW-AM Washington DC, Dr Alvin Jones (12:44 mp3 file opens in a new window)

In the first week, Dr. A met and surpassed his exercise goal of biking to burn 250 calories most, at least 5, days of the week.  He had a perfect score of 7 workouts and discovered an inside tip:  If he works out at a higher level of intensity, he can burn the same number of calories in 20 minutes as he can in 35 minutes at a lower level.

Use this tip yourself:  add intervals of higher intensity cardio activity to burn more calories in less time.

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