Success Stories: A Tool to Use When You "Hit the Wall"

It's only natural to want to give up sometimes.  As Dr. Alvin said to me last week, "I hit the wall, but pushed through." How did he do it? He keeps a daily chart of his workouts, including time spent and calories burned, and food intake.  Once a week, he and I review his progress together.  Knowing that he's accountable keeps him motivated. Keeping a log, journal or tracking app to chart your progress every day will help you stay on track for the long term.   One of the best success stories I've heard comes from Fern:

"My level of fitness compared to last year is much improved. I got really frustrated last year with the changes in my body and at some point gave up. Now I do three 45-minute interval workouts a week, walk at least 30 minutes per day (on my non-interval days) and strength train at least three times a week. I've noticed that my posture is better as well. Of course, I have to watch what I eat. I still keep my journal and do a weekly assessment of my workouts and my diet. The journal is a very important part of maintaining my health and fitness."

Use this tip yourself:  Stick with your plan by writing down your daily and weekly achievements.  It's one way to ensure that you'll meet your goals and be in better shape next year.

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