Dr. Alvin is Having a Ball!

Not that his new regimen of workouts and diet modifications is so much fun, but Dr. A is finding ways of making it more entertaining.  The foundation of his exercise program is what we initially agreed upon:  a daily 15-minute workout on the stationary bike to burn 250 calories.  And because this is totally manageable, he usually fits additional cycling workouts into the day, and recently added multiple walking sessions of 20-45 minutes.

He's discovering that he needs variety to keep his program fresh and enjoys walking outside, willing to brave the elements even in the rain and snow.  In the park across the street he's walking up hills; and in the parking lot he's doing faster-paced drills, using the lines to mark distances.  Now here's where the ball comes in:  as a former athlete reviving his sports skills, he's getting a basketball to dribble while he does his drills.  I imagine he'll be doing even more walking/dribbling drills once the ball comes into play.

Sharing in Dr. A's discovery of his physical nature is exciting for me!  He is not only meeting his goal of weight loss (down 14# in four weeks), but he's also following his instincts to reveal his dormant athleticism and express himself physically.

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