“Dr. Alvin’s Going Down!”

Dr. Alvin is four pounds away from busting a big number on the scale!  He’s now down 22 pounds, and at his current weight loss of two pounds a week, he’s approaching a major breakthrough.  When we had our weekly phone chat last week, he told me, “I’m giving myself credit, I’ve never done this in my life,” meaning taking charge of his health and fitness.  “Consistency is key,” he said, “fitting my biking or walking session in every day, even working out late at night if I have to.”

Of course he’s eating differently, too.  His diet consists mostly of chicken and fresh fish from the market.  He uses a slow cooker, steamer and grill to prepare his meals with a minimum of oils and fats.  He’s switched chicken salad for a salad with chicken, and he’s reading labels for any ingredients he uses in his cooking. These sensible changes go a long way in contributing to healthy weight loss and are manageable in everyday life.

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