Success Stories: Dr. Alvin is Right on Target!

Dr. Alvin Jones continues to amaze in the ongoing saga of his weight loss program (check back through blog for previous posts).   Dr. Alvin reached another milestone this week when he weighed in at 289 pounds, breaking through the 290 mark on the scale. This makes a total weight loss of 37 pounds since late January, done at a safe and sustainable pace of 2 pounds per week. Now he only has 13 more to go before reaching his initial goal of 50 pounds.



How does he keep going down?  In addition to his daily cardio sessions, he is incorporating more "labor" into each day, whether it's scrubbing the floor, building bookshelves, or walking back from the car repair shop, etc.   He's aware that as he develops the habit of increasing his day-to-day activity level he's creating a lifestyle change that will continue to benefit him in the long run.

And of course, he's watching his diet closely and keeping a daily record of his workouts and food intake, to be reviewed by me and the nutritionist Cherie Calbom "The Juice Lady" who recently teamed up with us.

Stay tuned for more good news!

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