Flabby Arms? Shape Up and Shed the Cover Up

Are you ready to bare your arms in summer fashions? The social season is upon us: weddings, graduations, pool parties, and weekends at the beach. Tune in to find out what Mary did about her (formerly) flabby arms and how you can get awesome arms with my expert sculpting tips. LISTEN LIVE: The Mary Jones Show

DATE: Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TIME: 5:30 pm ET

LOCATION: Connecticut Radio Stations

WDRC-AM 1360, WSNG-AM 610, WMMW-AM 1470 and WWCO-AM 1240

Formerly the trainer to Jacqueline Onassis and Caroline Kennedy, I've specialized in strength training for women since 1988. I know how to re-shape bodies, am familiar with all the mind games and understand what motivates you to work out – whether it's to be healthier or look better in your jeans! Contact me here for information on how I can help you.