Working the Weekend: 6 Steps of Wellness

I knew I would be at my desk all weekend, reviewing material both for my new book (due out in January) and new website (soon to launch!) So, how to make it a well-weekend in spite of the workload?

This is definitely a time to employ a philosophy of wellness; this is how I did it.

#1 Sleep in:  after all, it is the weekend and I don't have to get up at 5:30 or 6 am, normal wake-up time during the work week.

#2 Shop at the neighborhood farmers market and provision fresh, local ingredients for a couple of delicious dinners (reward at the end of each day!)

#3 Go for a run:  30 minutes in the sunshine, running along the East River, water sparkling in the flowing current.

#4 Conclude run with a full-body stretch and a cool shower.

#5 Eat breakfast:  Fresh berries, yogurt and home-made granola, with a large glass of ice water with lemon.

#6  Sit down at my desk, ready for work!  And feeling not so very deprived at having to work all summer's weekend.

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