Deep Roots Continue to Flourish

How deep are your roots? As time passes it can be more and more difficult to remember the first years, the formative years, the place that gave you your start. But returning to that place, in memory or in real time, can continue to offer growth and expansion.

My personal experience of enrichment stems from the family ties and community of friends I have in Cleveland, Ohio. Not only do my 95 year-old mother and five brothers live there, but over time other relationships have flourished. This week we are celebrating two special events that grew from these connections.


Ideastream owns and operates the major public broadcasting stations in Cleveland. It is a non-profit organization that applies the power of media to education, culture and citizenship, serving an audience of 4 million listeners and viewers in northeast Ohio. I am proud to be the featured guest on their pledge drive this week, a talk show format in which I'll be interviewed and take call-ins. The pledge packages are comprised of different combinations of my books.

LISTEN LIVE:  Ideastream Pledge Drive, Cleveland, Ohio

DATE: Thursday, October 10

TIME:  1:00 – 3:00 pm ET (repeated 7:00 - 9:00 pm ET)

LOCATION:  90.3 WCPN, Cleveland public radio; streamed live at

Call in with questions/comments:  866-578-0903 or to pledge:  877-903-9276


Shaker Heights is the suburb I grew up in, attending public schools straight through. This honor means all the more to me because I can share it with my mother, who has nurtured me every step of the way. We'll be attending a special dinner on Sunday evening, October 13 as well as an assembly of students at Shaker Heights High School on Monday morning, October 14. At each event, I'll make a brief presentation – at the dinner to speak about Shaker's influence on my life and career. For the Hall of Fame assembly my remarks are intended to inform and inspire the students.

LIVE EVENT:  Shaker Heights High School Hall of Fame Inductees Assembly

DATE:  Monday, October 14

TIME: 9:00 am ET

LOCATION:  Shaker Heights High School, Shaker Heights, Ohio