Achieving Your Exercise Goals, One Step at a Time

I hate running in the rain!  I'm like a house cat in inclement weather, happy to curl up inside and look out the window.  Nonetheless, I ran in a drizzle this morning so that I could accomplish my goal of daily runs while visiting my mother in Cleveland.  It brought home the positive message of short term goal setting.  I was very motivated to achieve my goal because it was within reach.  I didn't even mind the rain so much because I felt pumped that I was able to surmount a potential obstacle for a greater sense of fulfillment. (Now if it had been pouring, that would have been a different story!)

If you are having a hard time sticking to an exercise program, try planning it out at the beginning of each week.  Think about how many times you'd like to exercise and what kind of exercise you'll do.  How will you prepare to succeed?  Map out a realistic plan that works in your schedule and lifestyle.  

You are more likely to be successful if the plan is manageable.  Once you've met your weekly goals, your sense of accomplishment will propel you forward.  Do it again the next week and keep it up for a month.  When you've established a routine, you can start to build on it. 

Short term goal planning is a valuable tool for accomplishing your long term goals.  This is one proven way of establishing healthy habits that will serve you for a life time.  You should exercise and eat every day in such a way that you can face doing it again tomorrow, and the rest of tomorrows.