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Two Key Notes for Success: Set SMART Goals and Bounce Back with Resilience

If you want to fulfill the promises you make to yourself, consider using a tool like SMART goal setting combined with a spirit of resilience. Following an exhilarating week of special events in Cleveland, my mind keeps gravitating to these two themes that emerged, one from the Ideastream public radio pledge drive and the other from the Shaker Heights High School Alumni Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

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Your Exercise Program: 5 Strength Training "Don'ts"

Have you gotten a jump on your New Year's resolutions to shape up and get fit? From my experience, it takes people about three weeks into January to realize they haven't actually taken any action despite their best intentions. Now is the time to get started! If you're thinking about lifting some weights at home or getting back into the gym, take note of a few strength training "Don't's".

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