Running through My Mind

Running has always helped me go forward, literally and figuratively.  When I started running years ago little did I know that it was just the first step on a path that was unfolding before me, one that would lead to more personal growth and a blossoming career. A sound body and a sound mind go hand in hand.  I've been in training this past month in more ways than one. While I've been participating in a training course to prepare me to be media-ready, I've simultaneously been training my body to look and feel my best.  Next week is the big event, the National Publicity Summit, where I'll have the opportunity to meet major TV and radio producers and journalists.  I need to look good and have the stamina to stay sharp on demand for three long days. 

Being fit translates to other areas of life.  A positive body image gives us confidence, builds self-esteem and makes us attractive to others.  I'm proud of myself for sticking with my program and being ready for the race!