Guest Appearance on "READ MY LIPS" Radio Show

Joan Pagano Interview I've just been booked for an appearance on "READ MY LIPS", a show.  This should be fun!  Bonnie Graham is the spirited host of this show and we will be debunking the myths of strength training, in particular the myth of extreme makeovers as in the Biggest Loser.

Bonnie's alias is RadioRed, which should tip you off right there!  As stated on her Show Page:

"READ MY LIPS is not your usual blah-blah-yada-yada, Q&A interview talk show where every answer is canned and timed. Host akaRadioRed engages her guest authors and experts in lively, spontaneous and unpredictable conversations that go far beyond the pages of their book. Featured topics: Love, Relationships, Marriage, Break-up recovery, Personal goals, Gender communications, Food, Health & more. Producer/host Bonnie D. Graham akaRadioRed, a 12-year WGBB-NY talk radio veteran, thanks the thousands of BTR listeners who have become fans!"

Date:  Monday, November 8, 2010

Time:  7-8 pm EST

Live Show Link:

Call-in Number:  (Ask me a question directly):  1-646-478-0719

Other guests:

Format:  Each guest has a 20 minute segment.  I will be on from 7:20-7:40.  The show concludes with a round-table discussion, which should prove interesting!  What do career break travel, fitness training and dating tips have in common??  Tune in to find out.

Bonnie's Podcast:  If you miss the show live, you can download it afterwards on iTunes

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