Busting the Myth of the Biggest Loser

  What message does the Biggest Loser send in terms of taking charge of your body?  In case you missed my radio interview with Bonnie D. Graham on READ MY LIPS last Monday, let me run down a few that disturb me.

  • It makes getting in shape an overwhelming proposition.  Millions of people sit and watch these hard core makeovers as entertainment, or should I say as a spectator sport?!   Most of us have to work for a living!  The average person can't give up his day job and may not have the budget to hire personal trainers so he remains on the couch, snug in his conviction that he can't afford the time or money to get fit.
  • There are serious safety issues.  When you push de-conditioned, obese contestants to within an inch of their lives, you risk medical complications.  For example, on one season opener the contestants had to run a prescribed distance on the beach in the hot sun.  At the end of the run, one woman wound up hospitalized for a week; another gentleman had to be administered oxygen while his vital signs were monitored.
  • Extreme weight loss by extreme measures usually does not last. There is no magic bullet.  It is best to approach body fat loss in a slow and steady fashion.  It has to become a lifestyle:  Every day you need to eat and exercise in such a way that you can face doing it again tomorrow. 

A more realistic fitness method endorses exercise that is accessible, convenient and efficient.  Our method features: 

  • Tools that work over time:  a routine that will work for you and you can keep it up.
  • Safe and simple exercises that you can do at home with minimal equipment. 
  • Gradual progression:  establish a foundation and add on as you improve.
  • Building blocks of fitness:  Accumulate exercise in brief bouts throughout the day.

Your body reaps numerous benefits just by becoming more active.  Create a lifestyle of mini-workouts to pump up your heart rate, burn calories and stay strong!

If you'd like to hear the entire interview, go to Bonnie Graham Archives and click on "Career Break Secrets".  My interview is the second one on that episode.