Survival of the Fittest Exercise Tips

How do fit people stay in shape when life intervenes?  Inevitably there are times for all of us when the best laid plans go by the wayside.  For me personally, it happened with the recent cold snap in the northeast.  A housecat at heart, I just couldn't bring myself to bundle up and brave the deep freeze for my weekly runs.

What to do instead?  I resumed my normal routine of walking everywhere during the course of the day.  This is very manageable for me.  It just means allowing time in between appointments and dressing in layers, so I can be comfortable outdoors and then shed a layer or two inside.

When I down shift my cardio, I also carefully watch my food intake, monitoring my portions and eating healthy snacks when I feel hungry. I need to keep a steady flow of glucose going to the brain or I suffer by becoming distracted and irritable.  An occasional cookie or bite of chocolate is definitely part of the program, but never to excess.

I'm a big believer in weighing and usually jump on the scale first thing every morning.  My weight is normally very steady and doesn't fluctuate much, so if it goes up two pounds, I make sure to take it right off.  Staying on track is really important to me and is so much easier than having to take off a significant weight gain. 

We have a friend we call "Major Project" because he once said he was facing a major dieting project to lose ten pounds.  It's so much easier to stay in shape than to get in shape. That's real "food for thought"!