Jackie O's Strength Training Workout

One of my most famous clients was Jacqueline Onassis, who at the age of 60 asked for my help in a strength training program so that she could continue to pursue all the activities of her energetic lifestyle with vigor. In effect, she was feeling her age and knew that weight training would restore her strength and energy levels, enhancing her performance as an equestrian.

I have many fond memories of working with her. She was very focused and attentive, taking the instruction seriously, albeit with a sense of humor.  I'll always remember the nickname she gave me, reflecting her clever way with words – she called me "Snake Hips"!

Jackie O.  was very clear about what she hoped to achieve in her strength training program and her goals serve as an inspiration to all women.  For an inside look at her personal fitness routine and the positive messages it sends, please listen to the free audio about my experience of training her.


Listen/Download to the story of how I came to train Jackie O and learn why this icon embraced exercise.

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