Running with Mascara Giveaway (ends 2/14/11)

Enter here – win Total Body Workout Book for Women

Once again, I've teamed up with Fit and Fab Living's blog, Running with, to give away a free copy of one of my books.   This time, the title is 15-Minute Total Body Workout + DVD, which ties into the new article I wrote for them, Express Workouts: Moving Through the Day!



Don't let an "all or nothing" mentality of exercise sabotage your fitness regimen.  Instead of skipping a workout because you don't have the time to do a full routine, get creative about incorporating 10 to 15 minute bouts of cardio, strengthening and stretching into your day.

One of the best tools for ensuring that you get a well-rounded workout in a brief session is a DVD combining strength training exercises with cardio intervals.  The strength exercises in 15-Minute Total Body Workout + DVD combine upper and lower body movements to target multiple muscle groups for the most efficient toning.  The cardio intervals keep your heart rate elevated throughout for maximum calorie burn.  The cool-downs feature Yoga-style stretches for full-body release.  There are four different routines to pick from, and you can combine or cycle through them to keep your workouts fresh. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment about your experience with working out by February 14. What’s your favorite way to work out? Examples include the treadmill, yoga, weights, etc. For details, click here: Giveaway – Total Body Workout Book for Women

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