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sheknows.com - Time management: Reap the rewards of the routine

Rut and a routine are not synonymous terms. In fact, there are great mental, emotional and physical rewards to being a little predictable at times. Here are some of the big benefits a routine has for your wellness. Read the article here:  Health Benefits Of Being Predictable / Posted on Feb 18, 2011.


Running with Mascara Giveaway of 15-Minute Abs Workout + DVD (ends 2/23/11)

Do you have 15 minutes to spare? Then do a short and sweet ab workout! We have just the thing to get you started, a free copy of my book 15-Minute Abs Workout + DVD as posted on RunningwithMascara.com This book is a personal favorite of mine.  As I was working on it and practicing the exercises, I had a pleasant surprise when I slid into a pair of skinny French jeans that snapped at the waist.  My belly was flatter than it had been in years!  My belly had begun to round out like my mother’s and grandmother’s, so I figured it was just my genetic fate, but I was wrong.  These abs routines trumped genetics!

It’s easy to enter the giveaway just go to runningwithmascara.com and leave a comment on this post why you want this book!

And for some instant tips on how to flatten your belly, see my new article on Fit&Fab Living called Flat Belly Abs: 3 Exercise Tips that Really Work!


Marketing Tips from Deepak Gupta:  How do You Use PR to Earn Your Consumers Respect?

I have become more interested in honing my business skills since enrolling in a master course in marketing and publicity called Quantum Leap. When Deepak put out a media request for submissions on How to use PR to earn your customers’ respect, I responded with this article.  He told me he had never had a fitness professional on his blog before, so I’m particularly pleased it worked out.


Donna Seebo Show:  Tune in Tuesday, 2/22 from 6-6:30 pm ET

This should be fun! Donna is known for surprising her guests with her thoroughness and knowledge of their books, background and experience. She is one of the few media hosts in the country who actually read the material authors submit before booking them on the air. Potential guests wait months to have the opportunity to be on her show. Also, a unique part of her radio show is her personal interaction with her listening audience as she shares her intuitive counseling skills, 'lighting up their life with a little bit of insight'.  I'm prepared to be surprised!!


Interview with Jerry Puffer, 1150 AM KSEN Radio, 2/10/11

On February 10, I did an interview with Shelby, Montana radio host Jerry Puffer, the Puffman. His Show reaches Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and north into Canada.  I was thrilled to reach such a big audience with my message of strength training.  We talked about Sarcopenia, the natural loss of muscle mass and strength that occurs with aging, as well as Osteoporosis, a thinning of the bones that can occur at any age but predominantly affects the aging population.  Strength training is a key factor in both cases, maintaining and restoring lost muscle and bone.  For more information, check out the exercise guidelines in my book Strength Training for Women.

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