Bill Ringle Interviews Joan on My Quest for the Best

Bill Ringle, host of the audio magazine "My Quest for the Best" invited me to be a guest on his show to discuss issues relevant to entrepreneurial growth.  During the course of the interview, Bill draws out valuable business lessons. Some of the great questions you’ll hear us discuss are:

-What single strategy or tactic has been working the best to help you grow your business in the last six months? How has   this strategy led to more publicity and sales?

-To create a mind-set shift to go to the next level in business, you need to look at the numbers, the hard facts.  How do you track and measure concrete results?

-What is one of the most important misconceptions that people have regarding their health and fitness?

-What are the opportunities to move that most people are overlooking?

-At what point in your business career did you turn a corner and start thinking of your opportunities, capabilities, personal abilities and impact in a whole new way?

Listen to the whole My Quest for the Best interview with Bill Ringle to find out my answers to these questions and the surprising, yet practical insights revealed in the interview.

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