Success Stories: Focus on the Core

In Lucy's own words:   "At the end of last year, my body was falling apart and could no longer do what I wanted it to do. I had lost control over my body and pain was dictating to me what I was able to do.  I began doing the 15-Minute Abs Workout every day to strengthen my core and after two months my body is responding and I'm back in shape." She goes on to say, "Core training has shifted the way my muscles work and relieved the pain that I was feeling in my hips. Straight arm and forearm planks helped strengthen my wrists and shoulders so that I could resume doing standing Yoga postures that had become too difficult. I feel better, tighter and stronger, and now have a reliable body."

Lucy predicts that "Next year when I turn 60, my goal is to be in even better shape."

Use this tip yourself:  Your anatomic center, or core, generates strength and mobility for the whole body. A strong core equips you to handle the routine physical demands of daily life.   Do exercises that engage the abdominals and spinal muscles together in order to build postural support for the torso.

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