Success Stories: Don't Let Old Age Creep Up on You!

Elizabeth shared her story with me, "A year ago I was in physical therapy for my knee injury. Getting therapy helped me strengthen the weak areas in my legs and proved to me that it wasn't just 'old age'. I thought that the popping of my knee cap when I was gardening was a fact I'd just have to live with. I decided I needed to be stronger and have more stamina." Elizabeth goes on to say that she's just not one to pop a DVD into the computer and follow along, so instead she thought about how to incorporate more movement into her day by tip toeing around (to strengthen her calf muscles), stretching at the sink and walking up the steps at the office.

In her own words, she describes what it felt like:  "When I first started walking the 3 long flights at the office the third level was hard. I could feel a burning in my legs and I was out of breath. Now my heart is beating pretty hard but my legs don't burn, I'm barely out of breath and I recover in a minute. Walking up from the basement, making it 4 floors, is hard but way easier than last year. Most of the time I am carrying something, at least 10 lbs. My knee hasn't 'popped out' during yard work! A huge improvement."

Use this tip for yourself:  Don't assume that creaking bones, pops in your joints or nagging discomfort in any part of your body is a natural part of aging.  Therapy can help work out the pain and adding movement to your day improves your overall mobility.

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