Success Stories: Dr. Alvin Drops 51 Pounds!!

As we've been reporting in this column, Dr. Alvin has been steadily losing weight since we started working together virtually in late Jan.  I've never met Alvin in person, but we speak once a week to review his exercise/eating plan.  He keeps a detailed chart of his daily workouts and menu plans, as well as his weekly weigh-in. Today we celebrated his success in losing the first 50 pounds – 50 more to go!  He told me that this has been the best thing he's ever done in terms of discipline and evaluating things,  that he's now looking at the totality of his whole life and sees that it's changing before him.  In these past five months, he's been the most proud of who he is as a person. In fact, these five months have been the best five months of his life!

It's thrilling to me to be a small part of his success.  Of course he's done all the hard work that it takes to achieve his goals.  My thrill comes both from his accomplishment and from the remarkable effect it is having on his mental disposition.  Healthy body, healthy mind!!