When a Midlife Crisis is a Physical Awakening

Here's a bold example of the life-changing power of exercise! I first met Dr. Alvin Jones a year ago when he interviewed me on his radio show about my book Strength Training for Women. Afterwards, he asked for my help in a weight loss program, and to date, he has lost 73 pounds. (Scroll back to see more posts about Dr. Alvin). Alvin was 56 when we met over the air waves and began our "virtual relationship" by e-mail and phone. He recently told me that this past year has been "the first year of my life, of being an adult, of maturing. I look better, feel better and it's been the best year of my life."

The program I gave him is so elementary that anyone can do it, no fancy equipment or gym memberships required! You just need your body and commitment to your goals. Consistency and dedication are key. The formula is basic but well-established: daily exercise combined with better food choices equals dramatic benefits for your health, appearance and state of mind.

Beyond weight loss, the positive lifestyle approach has caused a "paradigm shift" for Alvin. Taking care of his body has improved his mental discipline, which extends to other areas of his life. The skill set he learned from our program - consistency, accountability, perseverance – is the baseline for high performance and the foundation for doing something great.

Coming of age can happen anytime in life!