A Tribute to a Special Woman

For Women's History Month, let's acknowledge the women who've made a difference in our lives!

I know a woman who never fails to inspire, and she happens to be my mother. Irene is the kind of woman that people gravitate to because she is always interested, kind, non-judgmental and grateful. She has a can-do spirit and yet is patient while awaiting results. "Something will happen," she said to me recently, "It always does."

Just shy of her 95th birthday now, I asked Irene what has allowed her to reach this advanced age. Off the top of her head, she gave me these principles to live by:

  • Observing the rules of health, taking my medications
  • Continuing my interests, like reading (she has a Kindle!)
  • Moderation, especially in foods
  • By all means, exercising

Mom and I are not sure if she inspired me to a career in fitness or if I inspired her to love exercise! Although she spends most of her time in a wheel chair, Irene continues to do strength training for her standing and walking ability. She works with a trainer in the fitness center twice a week, doing 15 minutes on the seated stepper with arms and the weight machines for upper and lower body strength.

Irene is living proof that there are no excuses! What woman has made a difference in your life?