Motivation to Exercise: A Personal Story

My husband James and I just returned from month-long travels, including two weeks in Croatia. We chose to be as active as possible - hiking in magnificent national parks, climbing up hundreds of steps in ancient walled cities, swimming in clear green waters, and hiking mountain trails.   At 66 years young, I was delighted to be fit enough to embrace all of these challenges without hesitation.

I was thrilled to be able to manage the rigors of travel – hiking the length of airports with luggage, sleeping in cramped berths on boats, sitting for hours in airplanes, trains and cars.  My low back and neck never complained, no matter how many different positions I subjected them to.  I was able to manage my luggage without creating any distress in my upper back and shoulders.  My stamina prevailed over jet-lag (with an occasional afternoon nap, of course!)

Only my calves protested this ambitious itinerary by cramping at night.  My legs were stiff in the morning, so I started every day by stretching in bed. My routine:  Point and flex feet; stretch hamstrings, glutes and inner thighs; do a spinal twist; finish with child's pose. And ready to go!

Several times during the trip, James and I asked each other how many more years we have to make a trip like this.  I say we have more than a few and I'm determined to maintain my present level of conditioning so that we can.  I came back with a renewed dedication to my personal fitness training program as "travel insurance" for the future.