10 Top Fitness Tips for the New Year



Tone up, trim down, and stay in shape all year long! Use these 10 tips from Aging Gracefully Blog posts to create an exercise routine that you can keep up every day for long term benefits.

  1. Create a habit of exercise: A new study suggests that habits may be more important than will power in the effort to change. Read more...

  2. Be accountable: Pew research reports that 70% of Americans now track some aspect of their health and fitness. Read more…

  3. Set SMART Goals: Experts in the field of self-improvement state that your goals must be Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Timed. Read more…

  4. Bounce back from set-backs: Backsliding is no excuse to give up! Be resilient and use a constructive attitude to deal with challenges. Read more about new research on resilience and the 7 habits of resilient people.

  5. Take the mistake out of lifting weights: These 5 strength training "don'ts" help you get started safely. Read more

  6. Tune-up your cardio workouts: Bust out of a stale cardio routine to get real results. Read more

  7. Maximize the minutes in your workout: Boost health and fitness benefits with Interval Training. Read more

  8. Count the steps in your day to reduce your risk of disease. Read more

  9. Think outside the box: Expand your horizons and take your workout in the great outdoors. Read about winter workouts here and easy ways to adapt your indoor workout to the outdoors here.

  10. Protect your joints: Show your wrists some love; be kind to your knees. Ease the pain of arthritis (Part 1 and Part 2)

Stay tuned for future blog posts with more practical tips on how to keep up with everyday exercise for lifelong fitness.