An Exercise Strategy You Can Use Right Now – No Equipment Required!

One of the highlights of the Dr. Radio interview on 1.16.13 was a discussion about what you can realistically expect from doing small doses of exercise. The fact is that you can have a dramatic impact on your health and appearance by being consistent and doing "a little bit a lot." Take, for example, the "4 for Life" exercises. Together these four exercises create a mini full-body conditioning workout that can be done in a few minutes, anytime, anywhere, using just your own body weight. Use them as the building blocks of your program and the baseline to which you return if you are short of time. When life becomes hectic, they are the ideal "active rest" from your full program.

These functional four exercises work the major muscle groups of the legs, upper body and core in an integrated way, the way you move in life:

  • The Squat works the large muscles of the legs and is the most functional of all exercises.

  • The Push-Up targets the chest, shoulder and triceps in one move.

  • The Back Extension is a primary exercise for good posture since it strengthens and lengthens the muscles that run the length of your spine.

  • The Pelvic Tilt flattens the belly, strengthens the abdomen and stretches the low back.

Check them out here and don't wait another day to kick start your exercise program for the New Year.