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Fitness Tips for a Summer Tune-Up

Yes, it's hot and humid, a time to slow down and move at a leisurely pace. But please don't let your body lapse into an activity coma during the lazy days of summer. Remember Newton's first Law of Motion: an object in motion will stay in motion; while an object at rest will stay at rest as long as nothing pushes or pulls on it. Overcoming inertia is difficult!

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Summer Vacation!

Memorial Day excites all the great childhood feelings of summertime – warm, sunny days, camp, outdoor sports, and vacations. It's a perfect time to shift gears from your regular fitness routine and enjoy some seasonal pleasures. Of course, if you've been consistent throughout the winter, you'll be in better shape to maintain your fitness level while on a beach vacation or tackle more rigorous demands of adventure travel.

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One Thing You Can Do to Practice a Higher Level of Self-Care

Learning to handle your own body weight is the first step to improving the way you move in daily life. Develop skill in performing four simple movements that will improve your strength, posture and body mechanics. The "4 for Life" are four functional exercises that you can do any time, anywhere, no equipment required. They are the squat, push-up, back extension and pelvic tilt.

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